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Flexible web-based project management

Achievo is a flexible web-based resource management tool for business environments. Achievo's resource management capabilities will enable organisations to support their business processes in a simple, but effective manner. Read more about Achievo.

Achievo 1.4.5

Achievo 1.4.5 is released! This is a security bugfix release that fixes CSRF and an authorization flaw in the timeregistration module.

Project Management
This part includes management of projects, phases, tasks, notes, statistics, planning, members en project templates.
Time Registration
The time-registration part is the part where employees can register time on project/phase/activity combinations.
Achievo's scheduler enables users to share a schedule with the other users.
20 Languages
Achievo's core is available in about 20 languages.

Achievo Testimonials

"We use achievo primarily for time-tracking. Like numerous other companies in the Netherlands we have a goverment grant called a "WBSO subsidie" which was very easy to incorporate in achievo. Now we can quickly create reports on how much time we spent on each customer but also on how much time spent on work that falls under that grant (which might be orthogonal to the client registration). We really like achievo, keep up the good work."

Roeland Lengers - Rotterdam CS B.V., The Netherlands (Rotterdam)

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Achievo Blog

Achievo 1.4.5 - Security Bugfix release
Again we received an email from the CYBSEC S.A company that they discovered 2 vulnerabilities in Achievo 1.4.4 and below. The first one was an authorization flaw in the Time registration module, that made it possible to delete/add records of other users. The second one was a CSRF in ATK how it handles the validation of the actions. Both probl... read more »
Posted by Sandy Pleyte, Monday 27 September 2010, 20:09
Achievo 1.4.4 - Security Bugfix release
Yesterday we received an email from Stefan Esser which was testing Achievo for the Month Of PHP Security. During the SQL Injection marathon he found one in the script that generates the project graphs. This security bugfix release will fix this issue.

For a full list of ... read more »
Posted by Sandy Pleyte, Friday 21 May 2010, 07:23
Achievo 1.4.3 - Security Bugfix release
Today we received an email from the CYBSEC S.A company that they discovered 2 vulnerabilities in Achievo 1.4.2 and below. The first one was about an XSS that people could enter javascript in a scheduler category. And the second one was about the document manager. This module didn't check the files that where upload which made it possible to ... read more »
Posted by Sandy Pleyte, Thursday 03 December 2009, 21:55
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