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Achievo 1.2.1 release notes


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Achievo 1.2.1 release notes - May 29, 2006

These are the release notes for Achievo 1.2.1.
The changes in this release are listed below, as well as any issues that you should be aware of when upgrading to this release.

We would like to thank everybody who contributed to this release.

Installation Notes

To install Achievo, you need a webserver with PHP support, and a database server (MySQL is fully supported, PostgreSQL and Oracle support is present but may not be fully functional). Unzip the Achievo archive somewhere in your webservers' documentroot, and read the installation instructions (in the doc/INSTALL file after you unzipped Achievo, or online.

Upgrade Notes

When upgrading from a previous version of Achievo, a database patch is necessary. The Achievo setup.php script can take care of this. After upgrading the software, go to the setup.php script in your Achievo directory, using your browser. Login as 'Administrator', with the password configured in the config.inc.php file, and follow the instructions on screen. More detailed upgrade instructions can be found in the UPGRADE file in the doc/ directory inside the Achievo tar.gz file

What's new since 1.2.0 ?

This release contains several bugfixes, as well as some new features:

  • Added $config_timereg_allowfuture setting for allowing time registration in the future (false by default).
  • Fixed fatal error in activity stats.
  • Fixed bug in project start/enddates then data was converted from an earlier Achievo version.
  • Projects/phases whose end date has expired can now still be used in time registration.
  • Bugfix: Users with 'any user' privilege in timereg could no longer edit other peoples timereg.
  • Fixed quick add of planning employees in a phase. Time was saved in minutes instead of converted to minutes first. (bug #522)
  • Fixed SQL injection in employees node. (bug #624)
  • Fixed the search box in the top frame. (bug #648)
  • Bugfix: When adding a phase it will check if the enddate isn't before the startdate. (bug #439)
  • Fixed department criteria in Time Survey Report. (bug #656)


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