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Achievo 1.3.4 release notes


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Achievo 1.3.4 release notes - August 12, 2008

These are the release notes for Achievo 1.3.4.
The changes in this release are listed below, as well as any issues that you should be aware of when upgrading to this release.

We would like to thank everybody who contributed to this release.

Installation Notes

To install Achievo, you need a webserver with PHP5 support, and a database server (MySQL3+ is fully supported, PostgreSQL and Oracle support is present but may not be fully functional). Unzip the Achievo archive somewhere in your webservers' documentroot, and read the installation instructions (in the doc/INSTALL file after you unzipped Achievo, or online.

Upgrade Notes

When upgrading from a previous version of Achievo, a database patch is necessary. The Achievo setup.php script can take care of this. After upgrading the software, go to the setup.php script in your Achievo directory, using your browser. Login as 'Administrator', with the password configured in the config.inc.php file, and follow the instructions on screen. More detailed upgrade instructions can be found in the UPGRADE file in the doc/ directory inside the Achievo tar.gz file

What's new since 1.3.3 ?

The Achievo 1.3.4 bug fix release includes the following changes:

  • Added 'last' weekday of the month option in the scheduler which was hidden.
  • Fixed validation of obligatory reason for blocked week disapproval.
  • Fixed ability to block weeks in which no project hours are registered when approve_period_per_coordinator is set to true in the configuration file.
  • Fixed timereg.reminder_hoursnotblocked cronjob sending emails when a week is blocked for everyone.
  • Fixed weekComplete check: If there were no contracts and/or timeregistrations, a week still appeared to be completely booked.
  • Fixed SQL error in reminder_hoursnotblocked cron.
  • Fixed missing translations in emails sent to project coordinators when one of their team members locks a week in the time registration.
  • Fixed timeout in reports when two employees are eachothers supervisor.
  • Fixed recurring items on nth weekday of the month/year.
  • Fixed bug with editing of contacts.
  • Updated translations for French, Spain, Portuguese -Brazil, Czech


Click below to download this release of Achievo:
   Download achievo-1.3.4.tar.gz (Unix/Linux etc.)
   Download achievo-1.3.4.zip (Windows)
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