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What is Achievo?

Achievo is a flexible web-based resource management tool for business environments.
Achievo's resource management capabilities will enable organisations to support their business processes in a simple, but effective manner.

A solution that fits seamlessly to the wishes of every organisation and offers the possibility and freedom to adapt the functionality to the needs of the organisation. It will fit into every organisation because Achievo is extremly easy to change to your specific situation.

Some important concepts of Achievo:

  • Totally web-based system
  • Based on system independent cutting edge technology
  • Completely adaptable to your own organisation
  • No licensefees or other limitations on use of the software
  • All source-code of the software is available
  • Makes use of open standards and protocols.

Achievo is build out of several modules and a central database. Together these modules ensure an optimal combination of intranet applications for business environments.

Achievo in your organization

Achievo can be applied in each network environment. The server-based solution is fully system-independant and is therefore transparantly integratable in existing networks.
This stimulates the acceptance of intranet solutions in small- to medium-sized companies.

Achievo is easy to install and uses only well known components that are well supported.

Click here for a list of companies that are already using Achievo.

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