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Acha Automation - The Netherlands (Amersfoort) (4 users)

Acha Automation is specialist in software development with Progress RDBMS, MKB (small businesses) support, Linux/NT/W2000/Novell and database driven websites with MySQL/PhP.

"We use Achievo for project planning and time registration. Especially the option of web-access is extremely useful because we work on a lot of different locations."


AMMMa AG - Germany (Bielefeld) (18 users)

AMMMa AG is developing internet based knowledge management and e-learning systems.

"We have currently accounts for 18 active users and are using achievo for time registration and project planning."


Balt.net (6 users)

Web developer

"We are building many projects in the same time. timetracking was done on papers. now when we are doing it with achievo, it saves us one man day in a week."


BGDS Bt - Hungary (Budapest) (5-6 users)

Desktop Publishing and Web-Site developing company.

"We have 5 employees using Achievo for project management purposes. "


biZrace - United States (Los Angeles, CA) (7 users)

Web Development focused on Collaboration/Communicating over the web (intranet/extranet)

"We currently have 7 users of Achievo and growing. Everyone here has found achievo to be a very useful tool."


Bluewind s.r.l. - Castelfranco Veneto, Italy (10 users)

Based in Italy, Bluewind offers a professional service specializing in the design of electronic systems and full product design, automatic controls and industrialization and production of electronic parts.

"We've been using Achievo for everyday time recording, contacts list and scheduling during the last two years. We use the Projects reports for our internal accounting and also to demonstrate our clients the real value of our R&D services."


C.N.B Srl - Soluzioni Informatiche - Italy (Padova) (13 users)

C.N.B. is a IT consultants & web software development company based in Vigonza (Padova, Italy). Our R&D department develops custom applications for E-Business, On-Line Banking, Enterprise Portals, E-Commerce Solutions and Communication Websites. Microsoft and Linux-Open Source software are peacefully living in our offices.

"R&D Department and Web Division Project Management."


CaribeNet S.A. - Colombia (Cartagena) (6 users)

We are a Consulting Company offering Outsourced Linux Solutions. Our clients are Hotels, Real Estate or Construction companies and more.

"Our contracts usually are "all included" outsourcing contracts. With the help of Achievo we provide detailed monthly reports to our clients and can setup budgets for each project. The gathered information we are also using as base for quotations and internal control."


Catpipe Systems ApS - Denmark (7 users)

FreeBSD systems integrator


CNCS Ltd. - Barbados (West Indies) (4 users)

CNCS Ltd. is a small company offering consulting services on IT equipment (Networks, servers, workstations etc.), and implements internet based services (Such as mail servers, firewalls, proxies, web servers etc...) We are heavily Linux based, and are 4 people in the company and growing.


COSS Solutions - The Netherlands (Loosdrecht) (5 users)

Software development, migration and integration.

"We implemented and configured Achievo in less then one day and it works fine for us. For us it is better then most products and online services available on the market. With this tool we can report the actual status for each project to our customers on-demand. Especially the hour deposit feature is of great value to us."


Dedalomedia Interactive - Italy (13 users)

Dedalomedia Interactive is a web company that develops innovative solutions for increasing online business like games, e-Learning products and many other solutions for the E-business improvement, it also develops multimedia CD ROM and events.

"Daedalomedia used Achievo since February 2001 and it has 13 employees. Now it is planning to extend the use of Achievo to Realtraining, a partner Company with about 8 employees. "


DybNet Internet Solutions GbR - Germany (Berlin) (6 users)

We design, host and programm websites. We offer websites for small to large companies. Especially middle to large companies can benefit greatly from our self developed php application framework.

"We have 6 employees that use achievo for time tracking and billing. In the future we will also use Achievo for project planning. "


eZespol Polska - Poland (Warsaw) (15 users)

Small IT company.

"Achievo is our CRM system! It's small and fully functional."


Hallmark.com - United States (Kansas City, Missouri) (20-25 users)

www.hallmark.com is the e-commerce and information site for Hallmark Cards, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri.

"Hallmark.com just started last month using Achievo for tracking time spent on our website projects."


Hemisphere GPS / CSI Wireless - Canada (Calgary), USA (Scottsdale, Hiawatha) (30 users)

Hemisphere GPS is the GPS division of Calgary-based CSI Wireless Inc. Hemisphere GPS designs and manufactures innovative, cost-effective, high-quality GPS products for a variety of commercial and consumer markets including Agricultural Guidance, Marine Guidance and Precision GPS. Products are marketed in more than 50 countries under Satloc, Outback and CSI brandnames, as well as the brandnames of our strategic customer partners.

"Currently only engineering project time management using Achievo v1.1. However, Achievo v1.2 is being reviewed and planned for roll-out as a full enterprise-level project management system, including using Achievo for product concept and pre-development business case development, as during development for project-issue tracking, project document control, and consolidated project status reporting."


Human Easy - Portugal (2-5 users)

We are a Portugal based company with four major areas: 1. Web Consulting: 1.1 Development of Web Strategies 1.2 Web Design (in association w/ Web Design companies) 2. Software Development: 2.1 Web development with PHP, WAP, Perl and all the rest. 2.2 Specific software development for Internet w/ Linux servers 3. Open Source Development and Configuration 3.1 Consultant on use of Internet Open Source tools (ex. Achievo, phpNuke) 3.2 Development or implementation of specific Open Source Add-Ons 3.3 Modification of Open Source software 3.4 Web Design Template for Open Source software 4. Hosting Consultant (for now)

"We usually work with several "remote" tele-workers and we use it for project control and staff coordination. We are also a sitaar!COM company (already a very happy Achievo user). "


Ibuildings.nl - The Netherlands (Vlissingen) (32 users)

ibuildings.nl designs and builds innovative internet- and intranetsolutions and is specialised in advanced technical solutions, among which are e-commerce systems and advanced database driven websites.

"We use all the Achievo functionality extensively in our organisation, and have integrated several other applications to work with Achievo. Achievo enables us to spend less time on 'paper-work', and more time on the actual coding. :-) "


InferMed Limited - Great Britain (London) (25 users)

InferMed is a leading software and services provider working in partnership with the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and clinical research sectors. InferMed offers a range of software solutions for collecting and managing data that is designed for improving patient outcomes and delivering drugs and therapies to market more efficiently.

"We've been using Achievo successfully since July 2003 for capturing timesheet data and tracking project effort and progress."


Infolink Aplicaciones, S.A. de C.V - Mexico (Cd. Juárez) (15 users)

We provide e-business and outsourcing (Internet applications) solutions.

"We currently have about 15 users for time tracking purposes"


Isolve ApS - Denmark (4 users)

E-commerce/web developers


Jabil Circuit

We are a contract manufacturer for electronics.

"Our particular test development department is using Achievo on a Trial Basis, and will eventually have about 60 users."


Methics Oy - Finland (Espoo) (12 users)

Methics Oy (Inc) is an independent consulting company providing products for enabling m- and e-services. Our services focus on testing and security auditing of system deployments. We also help our customers in system management and provisioning integration.

"Achievo is used internally for hour-tracking and project management. The achievo system also supports our payroll calculation, billing and project reporting quite well."


MOCH A/S - Denmark (6-10 users)

MOCH is a e-learning company who works - e-learning. Our focus are strategi consulting and customized solutions.

"We use Achievo for project management and are very satisfied with that. It helps us manage a project and keep track of all the actions within a project from the very start to the very end."


MRX Solutions - Canada (Vancouver, BC) (7 users)

MRX Solutions Corp. is a software vendor providing new and innovative computer solutions for medical clinics and other medical businesses. MRX provides four distinct solutions for its customers: software, transaction services (data exchange platform), supply chain management and consulting service.

"Achievo is used strictly as the Project Management tool. We found it extremely helpful, but as many other tools, it has to be customized to fit our needs. Overall - great tool that has a even better team who stands behind it!"


Neue-Domainnamen - Germany (5 users)

Our company is busy in Domainregistrierung von Domainnamen and webhosting.

"We link the ACHIEVO very much for tracking projects and the status of a development."


Nieuwland Opleidingen BV - The Netherlands (Wageningen) (80 users)

Nieuwland is developing internet based Knowledge Management and Geographical Information Systems and we offer (GIS-)hosting services.

"Achievo is one of the tools we use on our intranet for time tracking, project management and planning. "


Ogive consulting - India (Chennai) (4 users)

Software development and statistical outsourcing

"Time registration, Billing. Please see here for a detailed review written on Achievo."


OneStop.Net - United States (Los Angeles/San Francisco, CA) (15 users)

Hosting/Domains/Ecommerce Technology Provider PHP/Java/JSP/MySQL/PostgreSQL development and cutomer service/operations time tracking.


onSite Internet Services - Germany (Oberursel) (8 users)

onSite internet services offers a lot of individual internet services for companies like domain registrierung, webserver und internet seiten gestaltung. All covered in the Services of a Full Service Provider.

"Using achievo for tracking projects and controlling the development processes of webdesign and programming."


OPTIMARE Sensorsysteme AG - Germany (Bremerhaven) (40 users)

OPTIMARE Sensorsysteme AG develops and markets sensors, remote sensing systems, data acquisition technology, and network solutions for environmental surveillance and monitoring, as well as for marine and polar research. The company modifies existing systems or integrates systems into existing or new platforms. Under contract, the company also applies sensor technology, including data analysis, for use on land and ice and in water and air. These systems are deployed and operated from platforms such as aircraft, ships, or in-situ moorages.

"We use Achievo for a project based hour registration and task management. Furthermore our accounts departement uses the Achievo database (MySQL) in addition with OpenOffice.org scripts for the financial part of the project management."


ProAct NetWorking A/S - Denmark (Copenhagen) (7 users)

ProAct NetWorking - a daugther company of ProAct IT-Group, Sweden - is a networking company specializing in network security, load balancing, network management and and general networking.

"We use Achivo for keeping track of project's and time registration, and at this point Archievo is our primary tool to make sure we have consistancy in the projects we deploy with our customers."


PROSA - Denmark (Copenhagen) (55 users)

We are a trade union for It-professionals in Denmark. PROSA has about 13.000 members - including it-students who have free membership while studying. Part of our job is to handle payment of unemployment benefits for unemployed (ensured) members. We have collective agreements for It-professionals with a number of employers including the Danish Government, CSC Denmark and SAS (Scandinavian Airline System). We also provide assistance to our members with employment related disputes with the employers - contracts, wages, overtime payment, termination of employment, training etc.

"We use Achievo to register time spent on all the various tasks we perform. Data captured is used for management information and to manage flexible hours."


REAL Informatica srl - Italy (Vicenza) (5 users)

Linux oriented software house.

"Time management for software projects and client support activity."


Rotterdam CS B.V. - The Netherlands (Rotterdam) (4 users)

Rotterdam CS is a company devoted to Open Source (Java) software developement with a continuous focus on language technologies. We scope, design, develop, implement and maintain portal solutions, search solutions and summarizers for our clients.

"We use achievo primarily for time-tracking. Like numerous other companies in the Netherlands we have a goverment grant called a "WBSO subsidie" which was very easy to incorporate in achievo. Now we can quickly create reports on how much time we spent on each customer but also on how much time spent on work that falls under that grant (which might be orthogonal to the client registration). We really like achievo, keep up the good work."


RTC Group, Inc. - United States (25 users)

Software and Consulting services for retailers.

"Our 25 employees have been using Achievo for about a year now (maybe more). We use it for time tracking, expense tracking (we created our own expense tracking module modeled after time registration), and project billing (we wrote our own billing subsystem outside of Achievo). Achievo is just one of the tools that we use on our intranet Corporate Information system. We also have a Bug Tracking tool (Bugzilla), Help Desk call tracking tool (home grown using PHP/MySQL), a corporate calendar, and employee contact listing."


sitaar!COM - Inovation Systems - Portugal (5-12 users)

We are a Portugal based company with two major areas. 1. Distribuition of several Linux products but mainly Conectiva Linux, ASPLinux, Wine and Sun StarOffice. 2. Software Development:   2.1 Web development with PHP, WAP, Perl and all the rest.   2.2 Specific software development under Linux ;-)

"Under item 2 we usually work with several "remote" tele-workers and we use it for project control and staff coordination."


Studio Synthesis SA Srl - Italy (Vicenza) (6 users)

Linux/Windows based Software for the textile industry (CAD & color management), MiniPacs for the health industry and a Medical Emergency Management software for ambulances fleets.

"Development cost tracking"


Subsilo ApS - Denmark (6 users)

Game developers


Systec Designs - The Netherlands (Amsterdam) (7 users)

Development of electronics on costumer specifications Achievo use: We mainly use Achievo for time registration and cost tracking.

"For one custumer we made a website that combines some information from the achievo database (like planning) with a messageboard to keep track of all their active projects."


TechnologyWise - New Zealand (Tauranga) (7 users)

IT Consultancy and computer support based in Tauranga, New Zealand. We are open source specialists in our area, focusing on Linux servers and web-based applications for the SME market.

"We have been using Achievo since 2003. There are many features we don't use but the core functionality is excellent for our internal time tracking requirements. Achievo just works and works. We are now starting to promote it to our clients. "


UPT Ltd - Ukraine (Kyiv) (9 users)

UPT provides a full complex of services in software development, in development of Internet-based solutions and web-design. UPT provides cost-efficient and quality outsourcing software development services.

"We use Achievo for time registration of software development services. Achievo is simple, powerfull and easy to use software. We are going to translate software to ukrainian and russian languages."


Wizard.Org, Inc. - United States (Norfolk, VA) (5 users)

Web Development & General UNIX Consulting - Develop medium to large-scale web sites that require significant programming (as opposed to typical HTML/static content management). Examples would be E-Commerce related, Auction, custom Web/Database applications, etc. Full cycle project development.

"We have just started using Achievo to track our projects, tasks, assignments, and milestones. It does a very good job in assisting our efforts to organize our thoughts and projects, and ultimately saves us quite a bit of time by streamlining the resource management aspects of our projects development."


Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe - The Netherlands (Groningen) (3 users)

Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe is a company that creates and uses mainly Open Source software. All our machines are running some flavour of Linux; all our office solutions are covered by non-commercial licenses. The company has no employees, only partners.

"We use Achievo for the best part of our business processes, like keeping track of hours, storing project info/planning, contact information, etc. Achievo gives us what we need."



Internet Hosting services, Software development and Network and System services.

"Keeping track of people activities in order to be able to achieve global efficiency and a more accurate billing of services."


Yubarta Technologies - Spain (12 users)

Yubarta Technologies is an internet solution provider, focusing on J2EE development, Flash design, Open Source deployment.

"Internal project tracking and customer billing reporting."

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